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Privacy policy


  • The data entered in the ADLAB - The Online Recruitment System will be used for the limited purpose of organizing scientific experiments.
  • The data may be shared with affiliated institutions for research purpose.
  • We use the data for the following purposes:
    • to inform participants about new laboratory and internet experiments and to invite them to participate.
    • to check for the show-up of participants at experimental sessions.
  • There is no connection between the data collected in the experiments and the data stored in the ADLAB - The Online Recruitment System.
  • At anytime, any participant may unsubscribe from our mailing list in order to get no further invitations for experiments by sending an email to
  • Upon request, we will delete a participant´s data without any restrictions. To request deletion, you may send an e-mail at with the title "Unsubscription".

Experimental Data

  • During the experiments participants generate data by making decisions. This data will be analysed scientifically. To do this, the data will be made anonymous and cannot be attributed to any person anymore. In this sense the participation at experiments is anonymous.
  • The generated, anonymous data will be used for creation of scientific publications and presentations.
  • For more information about the privacy policy for this webpage please refer to the privacy policy of the University of Adelaide.


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