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The Adelaide Laboratory
For Experimental Economics
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005 Australia

Telephone: +61 8 8303 XXXX
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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions This FAQ answered the question of
1. How long does an experiment ususally last? 505 persons
2. How much money can I earn? 378 persons
3. Do I need to know anything about Economics? 363 persons
4. What is an economics experiment like? 345 persons
5. Where do economics experiments take place? 327 persons
6. What do I gain from participating in the experiments? 276 persons
7. Why haven´t I been invited to any experiment for a long time? Can I request to participate in an experiment? 230 persons
8. Do you pay me for participating in experiments? How much? 223 persons
9. Do I have to show up when I am invited to participate in an experiment? 219 persons
10. Who can apply for a subject account? 211 persons
11. Why haven´t I received a confirmation email? 210 persons
12. What are the Economics Experiments for? 195 persons
13. What is the purpose of economics experiments? 193 persons
14. How can I cancel my registration for an experiment? 190 persons
15. If I didn´t register for a specific experiment can I still participate? 190 persons
16. Should I fill in fake information when creating a subject account? 190 persons
17. I have registered for one experiment, but cannot register for any other, as they disappeared! 184 persons
18. I´ve seen that there are sessions with free places in the calendar. Why register for these sessions? 182 persons
19. What is the meaning of the three question marks "???" after an experiment under "Experiments you participated"? 181 persons
20. How is the privacy of my personal information ensured? 176 persons
21. How can I get off the ADLAB list? 174 persons
22. Do Economics Experiments have Ethics clearance? 7 persons
23. What can I do if I feel that an experiment has been unethical? 7 persons


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