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The Adelaide Laboratory
For Experimental Economics
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005 Australia

Telephone: +61 8 8303 XXXX
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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions This FAQ answered the question of
1. How long does an experiment ususally last? 499 persons
2. How much money can I earn? 370 persons
3. Do I need to know anything about Economics? 359 persons
4. Where do economics experiments take place? 320 persons
5. What is an economics experiment like? 319 persons
6. What do I gain from participating in the experiments? 224 persons
7. Why haven´t I been invited to any experiment for a long time? Can I request to participate in an experiment? 222 persons
8. Do you pay me for participating in experiments? How much? 218 persons
9. Do I have to show up when I am invited to participate in an experiment? 214 persons
10. Who can apply for a subject account? 207 persons
11. Why haven´t I received a confirmation email? 205 persons
12. What are the Economics Experiments for? 193 persons
13. What is the purpose of economics experiments? 188 persons
14. Should I fill in fake information when creating a subject account? 187 persons
15. How can I cancel my registration for an experiment? 186 persons
16. I have registered for one experiment, but cannot register for any other, as they disappeared! 182 persons
17. I´ve seen that there are sessions with free places in the calendar. Why register for these sessions? 179 persons
18. If I didn´t register for a specific experiment can I still participate? 179 persons
19. What is the meaning of the three question marks "???" after an experiment under "Experiments you participated"? 175 persons
20. How can I get off the ADLAB list? 173 persons
21. How is the privacy of my personal information ensured? 173 persons
22. Do Economics Experiments have Ethics clearance? 5 persons
23. What can I do if I feel that an experiment has been unethical? 5 persons


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